DeenCoin Project

What is deencoin

DeenCoin is the largest e-commerce marketplace platform for all types of Halal products. We have a factory that produces Halal products and meets international standards, available worldwide shipping for clients in over 53+ countries. We have built Deencoin payment gateway through our platform.

DeenCoin Project

DeenCoin Marketplace

Deencoin marketplate is a platforma mixed e-commerce platform with Halal products as well as factory quality assurance. We are an intermediary in the payment and delivery of products worldwide. Our platform has compiled products in each category to facilitate product search and clients’ convenient, fast and secure payment methods. We also have promotional discounts on various occasions. Thus, customers can check the delivery status all-time through our platform.
Project website :


DeenCoin Payment gateway

DeenCoin payment gateway. We built tokens on binance smart chain as a highly secure blockchain payment gateway. It offers low fees and supports leading exchanges. can also be used to pay for goods discount all transaction. marketing section is expanding as a payment gateway on our growing partnerships in the future.

Easy to use procedure Press to pay for products, connect to wallet, press to confirm payment, check transactions via blockchain, convenient and safe.

Fast Transaction Convenient and secure blockchain transactions with prompt transaction verification.

– Low trading fees Low transaction fees compared with other payment methods are stable and secure.

– 100% Secure Team has designed a system that is the most secure. to increase user confidence

– Exchange Support We have an exchange support for Dex exchange and Central exchange systems.


Deen Coin Staking Platform

DeenCoin Web3 Staking platform. Passive income generation technology running through the Binance Smartchain blockchain. Start earning with us in just 3 easy steps.

1. Buy token on exchange.
Buy BNB coin transfer to your wallet. Connect wallet and enter BNB amout and comfirm your wallet

2. Keep coins in our wallet.
Go to stake platform. connect wallet first, select plan your interest, and enter DeenCoin amout comfirm a stake.

3. Enjoy regular profits.
You rewards are generated minute until the due stake Now it’s time to enjoy your life and finally let your money work for you every day.
Staking Platform :

Feature of system
Easy Program Entry
Thanks to the low entry limit of 1,000 DeenCoin token, anyone can now become part of the program. So don’t wait around and join today! earn bonus immediately

Zero Risk Of Token Loss
The DeenCoin token amount you put into Staking will be returned after its ending. There is no way of leaving with less than you originally put in. This is the advantage of Staking.

Opportunity To Increase The Amount Of Your Coin
Your can have the rewards paid out to your balance or re-enter them into the Staking program. Your money will grow back even more.

DeenCoin Tokenomics

Token Chain : BSC
DeenCoin run on Binance Smart Chain. (BEP20) guarantees lower transaction costs

Token name: DeenCoin

Ticker Symbol: DC (BEP-20)

Circulating Supply:60.00%

Token Exchange List
DeenCoin token has been listed on Dex Exchange Pancake Swap (Cake) Decentralized exchange focus : Top rank 50 , Bybit, Kucoin, OKX, Gate io, Lbank, XT, Bitrue, Bitforex, Others

Smart Contract


Commonly asked questions

What is Deencoin business?
DeenCoin is an e-commerce platform that deals with Halal products, shipping products to over 53+ Muslim countries worldwide using deencoin tokens as a payment of exchange for goods and services. And we also have a Staking Platform where members can earn money.

Where can I use deencoin to buy products and services?
You can use Deencoin to shop at our Platform marketplace via Please select the payment method as Deencoin, the system will notify the status via your email after payment is complete. After that, the product will be delivered to your home quickly and can be tracked via the Tracking online system.

Where can I trade DeenCoin Token?
DeenCoin token has been listed on Dex Exchange Pancake Swap (Cake). You can trade a few click and recieve Deencoin automatic. Trade Deencoin click. Pancakeswap Exchange

Decentralized exchange focus : Top rank 50 , Bybit, Kucoin, OKX, Gate io, Lbank, XT, Bitrue, Bitforex, Others

Do DeenCoin needs a dealer?
DeenCoin needs a large number of dealers because we are expanding our business to many countries. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service; if you are interested.

What are staking rewards?
Blockchains give participants crypto highest staking rewards as an incentive. For each blockchain, therae are a specific amount of crypto rewards for validating transactions. You can join our Staking project here.

Do I have to verify my identity?
No verification required because the system is designed for the convenience of users Just go to the platform and connect your Wallet, choose the plan you want, press confirm, after that you can see the rewards every second. it’s time to enjoy your life and finally let your money work for you every day.

Is there a limit on the number of stakes per account?
Members can stake an unlimited number of times per account. Each amount will be separately staked for each channel after connect wallet can be viewed in my stake menu.

How many days after stake can I withdraw earnings?
After Stake, the system will remember to calculate the bonus every minute. Members can withdraw the bonus at any time. without having to go through an administrator And the bonus will be credited to your wallet immediately after confirmation.

After withdrawal, wait for admin to approve?
The system is an automatic deployed Dapp web3. no central control Customers can manage Stake by themselves at any time, just connect to the internet, you can earn unlimited income You rewards are generated daily until the date lock stake Now it’s time to enjoy your life and finally let your money work for you every day.