Privacv Policy

Terms and Privacy Policy for purchasing goods of “DeenCoin”
Terms and Conditions for online purchases specified herein. It is an agreement between “DeenCoin” and the customer, both parties agree to this Terms of Conditions for Online Shopping.

  1. Definition
    “DeenCoin” means seller or product owner. or dealer
    “Customer” means an individual, juristic person, company, partnership. or any agency that makes the order Buy or receive services with “DeenCoin”
    “Goods” means other products or services sold on this website.
    “Website” means the website
    “Product price” means the price of the product before deducting discounts. or the price of the product that is in the promotion Price reduction without shipping
  2. General requirements
    2.1 These Terms constitute a contract of sale of Goods between “DeenCoin” and the Customer.
    2.2 In accessing this website, DeenCoin reserves the right to refuse the sale of products to persons under the age of 20 and/or customers who are insane. or being a person with reduced ability to do legal acts according to the law
    2.3 When a customer accesses this website, “DeenCoin” assumes that the customer accepts the terms and consents to allow “DeenCoin” to manage customer information. regardless of whether the customer has registered at the time of access website before or not
    2.4 The customer has a duty to use the website service with courtesy. Do not post vulgar, disturbing, threatening, defamatory, defamatory, invasive privacy messages. including chain mail Mail sent in bulk, bulk, or any form of “spam”(SPAM), “DeenCoin” has the right to delete the above message of customers without prior notice. The right to consider deleting messages It is the exclusive right of “DeenCoin”.
    2.5 Placing Orders or product cancellation considered to be an action by the customer The customer is bound by the said order in all respects.
  3. Intellectual Property
    Customers acknowledge and understand very well all information, news, photographs, software, fonts, website formats. and other media get legal protection about intellectual property, copyright or other related laws The customer agrees not to copy. modify Additional information or any other action which is an infringement of intellectual property about the product or illegal Without the permission of “DeenCoin”, if the customer violates the terms, “DeenCoin” has the right to claim damages. and/or allow the customer to do anything as “DeenCoin” deems appropriate, where the customer agrees not to exercise any objection rights
  4. Product price and payment
    4.1 Products, product descriptions, prices and sizes of products displayed on this website “DeenCoin” reserves the right to change without prior notice to customers.
    4.2 Products displayed on the website If the product is out of stock or there is no product, “DeenCoin” reserves the right to collect the fee. Buy the customer until the goods ordered by the customer are in stock of “DeenCoin” or both parties have agreed. otherwise
    4.3 All product images and information displayed on this website are provided as is. and only used for the purpose of showing customers the product characteristics. Size, quality, height and color of the actual product may differ from that shown on the website.
    4.4 When the customer completes the purchase order specified on the website. Treat such orders as mere words. Offer to buy for customers only. “DeenCoin” has no obligation to supply products to customers. until it has been made Completed customer order acceptance only
    4.5 “DeenCoin” may cancel the customer’s order. If it appears that the product is not available or discontinued production or any other reason that cannot accept the order with the customer, DeenCoin will notify the customer of such problems in order to refund the money. or provide other products As a replacement for the next customer according to the system
  5. Payment and delivery
    5.1 Customers are able to purchase products through a transaction on the website.
    5.2 The customer can pay for the goods by payment methods on delivery, bank transfer, credit card, debit card or others according to the conditions specified by “DeenCoin”.
    5.3 The Customer receives the Products by delivery through a courier. along with the receipt/tax invoice/delivery note
    5.4 In the event that the customer makes a payment via credit or debit card, the customer must complete the payment according to the information, product code and complete amount as shown on the website. If the customer does not pay within specified period or incomplete, “DeenCoin” reserves the right to cancel customer orders.
    5.5 Goods will be delivered to the customer at the address specified by the customer on the website. “DeenCoin” may notify the customer of the delivery via email or SMS or other channels at “DeenCoin”. set
  6. Shipping
    6.1 Delivery will be made according to order numbers ordered from different order numbers. Customers may receive different products at the same time.
    6.2 Delivery service only within the country. The delivery period is in accordance with the “DeenCoin” policy, which does not include weekends. and public holidays For delivery in special areas such as the 3 southern border provinces or hard-to-reach remote areas and customers who order on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or public holidays will take more time than usual
    6.3 The customer cannot change the delivery address once the order has been confirmed.
  7. Limitation of liability
    7.1 In the event that the Goods delivered to the Customer are defective, “DeenCoin” will pay the damages to you. is not more than the value of the product
    7.2 “DeenCoin” shall not be liable for any loss after the goods or services have been delivered. given to customers
  8. Product return, refund
    “DeenCoin” We reserve the right not to receive any products or services. Including a refund to the customer after the goods or services have been delivered to the customer. unless it is proven that the damage occurred prior to delivery only
  9. Terms and Conditions of Subscription Registration
    9.1 When the customer agrees to apply for membership. It is assumed that you agree to receive news and promotions that will be notified in the future from “DeenCoin” through the communication channels that you provided.
    9.2 Customers must provide truthful information. Accurate and up-to-date information If you provide false information or impersonate another person, DeenCoin has the right to suspend or terminate your member account. without prior notice
    9.3 The Customer shall be responsible for User account name, password of yourself to be confidential. in case of Damage caused by the name of the customer’s account. The account owner agrees to be responsible and compensate. total damages arising from actions that occur under such passwords or accounts
  10. Privacy Policy
    “DeenCoin” has established measures to control access to personal information. and access to devices for storing and processing personal data. safe and appropriate by maintaining personal information of customers Any information given by the customer through registration to purchase the product “DeenCoin” will be kept confidential.
    DeenCoin may collect, use and disclose such information within the scope of purposes permitted by law and DeenCoin deems appropriate and beneficial to both DeenCoin, its customers and visitors. or users of the website Including the disclosure of information upon request of the agency. Or government and private organizations without customers claiming for damages or any expenses from “DeenCoin” in providing such information to third parties.
    By applying for the service or providing any information through the website, the customer is deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions stated herein. This is to confirm that the customer wants to register “DeenCoin” and wants to receive various information from “DeenCoin”. Providing such information of the customer will be deemed to have registered with “DeenCoin”. The customer is an individual. The person who has the right to receive useful information about goods from “DeenCoin”.

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